Concrete Flooring Most Likely To Fail – It’s Only A Matter Of Time

Although many people believe they understand garage floor epoxy they do not realize the different quality and different specifications it has. Many people simply glaze over the more technical information. Many people just associate price as the main factor in deciding what to buy but this can lead to many problems in the future and be a painful lesson.

The Cons of Concrete Flooring

The epoxy paint for garage flooring has been a hot searched term in the market for consumers that are looking to buy a paint. Using this information one can make a conjecture that many consumers realize the difference between house and concrete paint. The general rule to realize about concrete paint is that no matter what concrete paint you buy it will peel off. Consumers understand this fact but still continue to buy it.

People simply look at the pictures of the finished product when they imagine concrete POR34 flooring. They fail to realize the flaws behind it and simply want the easy most luxurious way they can make their flooring beautiful so they can show off to their friends. Little do they know that it will not last and they should not of bought it.

The Effects of Moisture and Other Downfalls

Sometimes a consumer can find specific online retailers that create high-end concrete coatings. However the consumer has to realize the main nemesis of epoxy flooring is moisture. The process that one has to undertake to apply it is to etch the concrete then simply apply the coating. This however can lead to problems, since some coating manufactures use liquid acid etch instead. This happens to be mixed with water. In addition, the concrete tends to leave holes and causes moisture bleed. When it evaporates the concrete hardens greatly.

After one applies the acid etch the particles sometimes may get caught in the air holes. However, do not be afraid as they will dry eventually and happen again when the coating is put on. This weakens the coating and as a result the concrete peels no matter how high the quality the substance is.

Then after you dump the water you see that it has become concrete. The main thing to remember is not to touch the concrete because while it may look perfectly dry, it is still wet. It can sometimes take up to weeks to dry and stepping on it might result in further coating.

Secondly, the water you dumped on the floor has saturated the concrete. Sure the concrete might look dry the next day but in fact is wet. The general thing to realize is that most concrete coating will fail no matter the quality so do not decide to buy the most expensive because chemically as the process I describe makes evident, it will peel eventually or chip the flooring into many separate pieces, its only a matter of time.

Anyone can simply say they can coat your floor for you but someone really needs to understand the process chemically as well as have full knowledge of the gear and equipment needed. There are many types of professionals not all of them are good. Also garage flooring from professionals will cost a lot and some projects make take a lot of time. Furthermore, all these projects are not going to turn out perfect because hiring professionals does not always guarantee success.

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