My Letter to the Roman Church

I had been a convert to the Roman Catholic System for about seven years when I could take it no longer. Here is my exit statement of September 19, 1981. The prophets of old had a way of writing beautiful sentiments they knew nothing about. They wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but that same Spirit tells us through an apostle later that the prophets were often ignorant of the true meaning of their writings.

As I examined and re-examined my “entrance statement,” I found it difficult to disagree with anything I said at that time. Almost all the words are true. I haven’t changed my mind. But the Spirit is now showing me what He meant. Hallelujah! I want to touch on certain points I brought up in my statement to explain what I am saying.

Yes, I believe that the Catholic Church, ironically enough, was an answer to prayer for more of Jesus. For the Catholic system led me into a desert experience with my Lord whereby I was forced into finding Him or perishing, spiritually. I found Him, praise God! As to the Eucharist: I have much greater appreciation for the Lord’s table. But what I believe about it is not the crucial point. I continue to study God’s Words, and seek the mind of the Spirit. What is crucial to the Catholic system is the NEXT STEP after one accepts transubstantiation. Look at the jump I made…”accepting this view of the Lord’s table rather limits one’s choice of churches…” It is at this point that the great deception that is Catholicism takes place.

For, to the Catholic, not only is this the very body and blood of Jesus on the “altar,” but it is a sacrifice still in the process of being offered. Follow: If it is a sacrifice, one must of course have a PRIEST to offer it…and if a priest, certainly ordained…of the Roman variety. To the Catholic the hands of a priest are HOLY HANDS, ordained to offer the sacrifice, Who is Jesus…only a man so ordained has this power. But this teaching is not found in Scripture. Only slowly did the evolution in teaching take place. Today this evolution is accepted as God’s revelation. There are only TWO priesthoods authorized by the Word of the Lord through prophets or apostles. Neither of these two are ROMAN in origin. One is the priesthood of Levi…and Aaron…These were the Jewish priests, who offered a literal sacrifice on a literal altar, to roll back sins until the TRUE sacrifice would be offered.

The only other priesthood in Scripture is the Louvores de Adoração mystical priesthood of Melchizedek, a Biblical character mentioned in the beginning, middle, and end of the Bible…Jesus is a priest after this order…every true believer is also a priest after that same order… The Catholic system now gives lip service to the priesthood of all believers, saying that we in some way share in the priest’s offering of the Mass. But in REALITY the Catholic organization is composed of 1) an elite hierarchy, and 2) another group known as the “people.” The laity.

On the authority of the Word of God, I reject this system. I do not reject the people of God still in the confines of Romanism. Nor do I reject members of the hierarchy who have found life in Jesus. There were believers among the rulers of the Roman Empire. On a larger scale, I cannot, either, reject the lost in this system. For the Son of man is come to seek and to save those lost ones. But I reject the system, the so-called priesthood, which is no more ordained of God than is the priesthood of the Roman Empire. (Some in fact have found a relationship between these two systems which it is hard to deny…)

I thank God that He showed me that I am a priest! And as a priest, I too have a sacrifice to offer. According to the Spirit, it is the sacrifice of PRAISE and GOOD WORKS. As to Jesus, He died, was offered, ONCE for all. He has since SAT DOWN at the right hand of the Father, NEVER to suffer the pain of death AGAIN! It is finished! It’s OVER. The victory is WON. Christ has fulfilled it ALL.

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